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Shanti’s CLC Project Wins ESD Okayama Global Award 2015


Shanti Volunteer Association (Shanti)’s Community Learning Center (CLC) project in Cambodia, will be honored with ESD Okayama Global Award 2015 for one of the best practices in ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) all over the world.
In Cambodia, most adults, approximately in forties to fifties at present, missed education opportunities in the civil conflict and turmoil since 1970s. Consequently, many of them have trouble in literacy and numeracy, followed by various difficulties in their daily life, which eventually trap them in poverty.
Under CLC project―drawing on its 35-year experience in education and culture projects in Asia―Shanti helps establish library-oriented community learning centers (CLC) in rural Cambodia, which provide opportunities for children, youth and adults to develop literacy, numeracy, life skills and livelihood skills necessary to combat poverty. Known as “Hammock library” by its communities, Shanti’s CLCs carry out four major activities aimed at community development through empowerment, namely, 1. Library, 2. Literacy class, 3. Workshops for livelihood improvement (including agriculture and health/sanitation) and 4. Sports and cultural recreation, with three simple principles in mind: “Fun, Comfortable, and Practical.” Shanti’s mission is to assist its communities in managing their own CLCs self-sustainably for their community development.
Recognizing Shanti’s CLC project as its national model, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in Cambodia has considerably adopted Shanti’s approaches in the CLC guideline enacted by the Ministry in last July for the standardization of CLCs in the country.
Shanti is committed to further improving its CLCs while at the same time innovating the field of community learning centers and Non-Formal Education around the world.
For information about ESD Okayama Award, visit the following website:

For detail information about Shanti’s CLC project,
check out the application documents for the award through the following

Application Form for ESD Okayama Award 2015.pdf
Project Presentation Material.pdf
Supporting Document 1 Supplementary Explanation to Application Form.pdf
Supporting Document 2 Project Design Matrix.pd
Supporting Document 3 Social Transformation from a Story.pdf
Supporting Document 4 List of Media Exposure.pdf