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School libraries were newly opened in Myanmar


On June 14th, 18th, 19th, school libraries opened at 10 schools in 5 Township in Myanmar, and each school had opening ceremonies on those days. In Myanmar, school starts in June, therefore everybody had been prepared for these special days.

These opening ceremonies were reported by several local media in Myanmar.MRTV broadcasted the ceremony in Minhla Township, “Myanmar Alinn Daily Newspaper” reported the ceremony in Gyobingauk Township and Pyay Township, and DVB broadcasted the ceremony in Pyay Township.


First, I would like to mention the detail of opening ceremony in each district.

Opening ceremony in Minhla Township

In Minhla Township, several events were going on. For example, using picture books, teachers and students played act along the stories in picture book. The local residents also came to school and watched entertaining projects by school teachers. In Minhla Township, Mr Keita Iwase, first secretary in embassy of Japan, also attended to the ceremony, and explained the importance of picture-books to school students in Burmese. SVA country director, Aki Nakahara talked about library projects and its meaning for education in the interview. In the library, there were many colorful books beautifully displayed in shelves. Students were keenly looking into picture books everywhere. In MRTV, school students conveyed there feeling about the new library.

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Opening ceremony in Gyobingauk Township

In Gyobingauk Township, school teachers, students and SVA staffs cut the ribbon to mark the opening of new school library. The state of opening ceremony was reported in “Myanma Alinn Daily Newspaper”.

Opening ceremony in Pyay Township

In Pyay Township, opening speech was delivered by officers of Education office, West Bago Education Sub office(Pyay), Officer Daw Myintzu Aye, deputy township education officer U Aye Lwin, and school principals from each school. Then, Officer Daw Myintzu Aye from West Bago Education Office, SVA Coordinator Kyoko Ito and Officer Daw Nyein Nyein Thant from IPRD cut the ribbon to mark the opening of school library. In the interview by DVB, SVA coordinator Kyoko Ito made statement about library projects. In the library, like other districts, school teachers gave story-telling for many students. Sometimes, students and teachers sing songs and play games aside from reading. Many local residents also visited library and browse through books. Everyone looked entertained and interested.


About“Myanmar reading promoting project”

Currently SVA is operating “Myanmar reading promoting project”. Those newly opened school libraries are the important parts of this project.

In Myanmar, for many decades, Learning by heart type education has been main shape of education. Currently, there is need for creative learning in which children themselves play significant roles. SVA commits to improvement in Myanmar education by approaching children’s creativity, communication skills, ability to understand other cultures. To achieve the goal for creative learning, we believe children should have libraries which help building high-quality education. However, there are not enough libraries in school in Myanmar. Therefore, SVA is setting library corner in public schools, publishing children’s books, and operating mobile library with support from public library. In 2014-2017, SVA have arranged books for pupils, lectured library staffs, and operating mobile library. Those achievements were highly- valued by Myanmar’s Ministry of Intelligence, then service for children is spreading in the country. Currently, there is a hope that reading activity in public school is becoming big movement. The opening of new libraries is very significant event which indicates improvement of Myanmar’s education quality.

New library opening as a whole

Now, I would like to introduce the atmosphere of new library opening events as whole.

In every district, library opening was celebrated with attendance of various participants, school principals, teachers, students, Education Office, library staffs, local residents, and embassy of Japan.In the new libraries, books which came from Japan, Thailand, Yangon were beautifully displayed in shelves. Mobile library also came to each school, and started operating nearby. Each school was decorated by paper crafts, it almost looked like a festival.In the class room, teachers performed Reading program, picture-story show and story- based drama act in front of children. Everyone laughed and focus on listening to their teachers. For long period, teachers had been prepared and making these recreations for this opening ceremony.


As soon as library opened, every student rushed into library, took picture books, and started read. Many students were really glued to books, and some are reading books aloud every page one by one.

There has been lots of effort until accomplishing this goal of library building. Every individual gave support to this new library projects. We would like to appreciate to all of who contributed to this project such as school teachers, library staffs, local residents, related department and agency, many supporters in Japan, local staffs, and counter-parts in Myanmar refugee camp and Thailand. With this cooperation, we could deliver chance for good education and hope for many children in Myanmar.

Newly established 10 libraries are going to operate from now, and we will continue to support following projects so that libraries and books can be the energy for children’s future.