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Emergency Relief

We have been conducted relief activities for people who are confronted with enormous difficulties and incurring heavy losses due to sudden outbreak of a natural disaster or a humanitarian crisis in an effort to put their lives back in order both at home and overseas.

The SVA established the “Emergency Relief Office” in May 2013, for the purpose of establishing a system to support the activities for supporting the people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and to prepare for the implementation of emergency relief projects in Japan and abroad, which are expected to increase due to the effects of climate change.

In our role of linking the affected people with the supporters/parties concerned, we will strive to act responsibly and in good faith in any situation and to convey the voices of the people in the field by ensuring close communication with our supporters as well as between the people in the field and the Tokyo Office.

2015 Activity Report

Nepal Earthquake Relief Project

Completed Temporary Learning Center(TLC) in Nuwakot,Nepal

On April 25 and May 12 in 2015, the great earthquakes hit in central Nepal and left over 8,000 people dead and more than 500,000 houses completely destroyed. Immediately after the earthquake, SVA distributed relief supplies and conducted an initial survey in the badly damaged Nuwakot District. Based on the result of survey, we launched two projects of Education in Emergencies (EiE): 1) Disaster Management in Education and 2) Woman and Child Protection Project. The Disaster Management in Education supported a total of 91 schools by constructing Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) (248 classrooms in 124 buildings) and latrines (in 34 buildings), installing 14 water tanks, and supplying stationary, play equipment and picture books. In the Woman and Child Protection Project, SVA built a women’s shelter with Child Friendly Space (CFS) in together with latrines (in seven buildings). We also held a three-day seminar regarding childcare activities including storytelling with picture books and toy-making with local familiar materials.

Waziristan Refugee Assistance Project


After the Pakistan government has initiated an operation in the Waziristan area where the rebels have been based as a result of a massive terrorist attack at Karachi Airport in 2014, many residents were forced to flee to Afghanistan. As of November 4, 2014, the number was over 280,000. As severe winter approached, the SVA has distributed emergency food and relief supplies, and provided winterization assistance to 7,280 refugees.

Myanmar Flood Relief Program

In front of the Padawan library in Phay District, Myanmar

The heavy rainfall that intermittently continued from late June caused flooding in Myanmar. Under these circumstances, the SVA coordinated with the district administration office in Pyay District, as well as persons in charge of the shelters to provide canned fish, vinyl sheets that can be used as roofs and rugs, and oral rehydration salt that helps alleviate diarrhea and other physical ailments, to 3,500 people of 845 households in 11 shelters.

Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake

Kesennuma Office: Building a tree house at the "Hamawarasu" event

Iwate Office: Presentation of vehicles to the Yamada Town Municipal Library, which will take over the mobile library activity.

Yamamoto Office: Mobile library also has many fans among elderly people.

Almost five years after the great earthquake, Kesennuma City is lagging behind in the development of public housing for disaster victims, as only roughly 20% of eligible people have moved into public housing for disaster victims as of the end of 2015. Calling for “Bring people together (Wa-FROM PERSON TO PERSON),” Kesennuma Office engaged in several projects, such as providing opportunities to experience nature to children, and revitalizing fishing villages. Also, the SVA continued to focus on providing opportunities to read books and venues for people to interact, through the mobile library activity, promoting the “Bunko” Home Library in the temporary housing complexes. We have decided to hand over the activities in Yamada Town, Otsuchi Town and Ofunato City. Furthermore, Yamamoto Office provided a place of comfort for people and supported interaction between residents through the mobile library. For the community support activities in Minamisoma City, a staff in charge is working to build a relationship with local people for starting up a full-scale activity, in time with the lifting of the evacuation order in Odaka District which is scheduled in April 2016.