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SVA’s Goal

Building a Peaceful Society That Allows People to Live Together and Learn Together

Around the world, there are a great many children who are unable to get a proper education because of conflicts, poverty, natural disasters, or other such factors.
SVA is engaged in activities intended to create opportunities to learn in comfort even under difficult circumstances.

Our Mission
SVA aims to bring about a peaceful (Shanti) society that has respect for human dignity and diversity, and allows people to “live together, learn together”.
Our Vision
SVA, as an NGO seeks to solve the problems of society and everyday life together with local people, by supporting the power of people to think and to create.

Messages from Representatives

40th Anniversary Messages
President, Kyoei Wakabayashi

Shanti Volunteer Association was founded to
provide support to refugees from Cambodia,
and has now reached its 40th anniversary.
During this time, we have received the support of a great many people, and worked through our various activities, particularly library activities,
to expand educational opportunities
to underprivileged children around Asia.
Over the course of last four decades,
we have had the wonderful opportunity
to see that first generation of children
whom our organization was able to help have grown up themselves provide support
to the young children who came up after them.
We believe that this is the first step in the creation of a society of peace (shanti).
We will work together as one community
to promote our activities, one step at a time.
I would like to ask all of you to continue to watch over our activities.

Secretary General, Eri Yamamoto

When I was in Afghanistan, I came across a child soldier whom I shall never forget.
As he related how he lived, he bluntly told us, “Whenever we run out of food, we just raid the next village.”
This young boy had a tragic history. When he was a mere five years old, a militia abducted him from his home and taught him how to use a gun and fight for their cause. He grew up knowing only that he must fight on the front lines. He never again experienced the love of his parents, and he never attended any school. One day he came upon the mobile library operated by Shanti. As he listened to a member of Shanti’s staff read a story to the assembled children, this young soldier with a hardened, distrusting demeanor gradually became drawn into the story. He even began to laugh at the funny moments. Little by little, the child soldier’s face transformed into that of a 15-year-old boy again. He seemed to have regained a little bit of his lost childhood before catching himself and quickly turning his face in embarrassment.
It was at this moment that I became keenly aware of the power of storytelling, picture books, and picture shows, which is Shanti’s mission.
For more than 40 years, Shanti has been working in Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and other Asian countries, creating programs to promote reading and improve the quality of education.
Clearly, for every individual, access to education is a human right. It is not only about learning to read and write; a complete education also teaches us the skills that enable us to live our own lives. We have seen children who have found hope through books and shaped their own futures.
Shanti wants to continue working with everyone who wants to make the world a better place, working with children in difficult circumstances, ultimately for a peaceful society.

Organizational Profile

Organization Name
Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA)
December 10, 1981
Registered Date of Incorporated Association
August 19, 1999
Registered Date of Public Interest Incorporated Association:
January 4, 2011
Jibokaikan 2,3F, 31 Daikyo-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0015 JAPAN
Staff total
131(As of April 1, 2022)
Board of Directors
Rev. Kyoei Wakabayashi
President of Anrakutomonokai, Priest of Anraku-ji temple, Nagano prefecture
Vice Presidents
Rev. Shunko Chino
Director of Niwano Peace Foundation, Priest of Zuisho-ji temple, Nagano prefecture
Prof. Tatsuya Hata
Professor in Faculty of International Studies, Kindai University
Executive Director
Rev. Wako Okamoto
Representative of Kazusa Nature school, Priest of Shinko-ji temple, Chiba prefecture
Managing Directors
Rev. Shiro Arima
Secretariat of Andenet, Priest of Genkou-ji temple, Yamaguchi prefecture
Ms. Kayoko Kozu
President of KOZU style Co.,Ltd.
Rev. Kando Matsunaga
Priest of Soutokuin temple, Shizuoka prefecture
Board Members
Ms. Sachiko Asano
Visiting Researcher, Institute for Sustainable Community and Risk Management, Waseda University
Mr. Hiroyasu Ito
Senior Director, TD SYNNEX/ Lecturer at Tsukuba University and Okayama University
Ms. Mami Sato
Japan Representative of Earth Company
Rev. Ryuki Sekine
Priest of Koshu-ji, Saitama prefecture
Rev. Taiten Toukai
President of Shanti Tohoku, Priest of Shogen-ji temple, Miyagi prefecture
Ms. Riyo Naoi
Lecturer, Professional Institute of International Fashion / Affiliate Lecturer, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University
Mr. Katsumasa Yagisawa
Advisor of Sikkha Asia Foundation
Ms. Eri Yamamoto
Secretary General of Shanti Volunteer Association
Rev. Keiyu Yokosawa
Priest of Tosho-ji temple, Nagano prefecture
Rev. Shunken Yokoyama
Lecturer, Sotoshu Comprehensive Research Center, Priest of Antouin temple, Fukushima prefecture
Prof. Masayuki Nakayama
Graduate School of Globalizing Asia, Kokushikan University
Mr. Shigeru Nonaka
Nonaka Certified Public Accountant Office /Managing Partner
Rev. Shusei Hattori
President of Sotoshu Shumucho
Rev. Shodo Kobayashi
Administrator of Eiheiji
Rev. Keiji Watanabe
Administrator of Sojiji
Mr. Fusao Adachi
Advisor, The Supporting Organization of J. O. C. V.
Rev. Hojun Abe
Resident Priest, Koujuin Temple, Miyagi prefecture
Mr. Masahiro Onoda
Chairman, Shizuoka Volunteer Association
Rev. Eisho Kawahara
Head Priest, Rengein Tanjo-ji Temple, Kumamoto prefecture President, Association for Rengein Tanjoji International Cooperation
Mr. Takashi Shiraishi
Advisor, Arakawa Ward Staff Labor Union Chairman, Non-profit Organization Japan Laos Children’s Future
Rev. Kenshi Fueoka
Resident Priest, Ryukoku-ji Temple, Shizuoka prefecture
Technical Advisors
Mr. Noriyuki Amano
Director, Amano Clinic
Mr. Toshiyuki Osuga
Lecturer, Soto Institute for Buddhist Studies
Ms. Sachiko Kamakura
CEO, Kamakura Sachiko Co.
Mr. Hirotsugu Takata
Executive Producer, News Production Department, NHK Global Media Services, Inc.
Mr. Koji Tezuka
Advisor, Buddhist Institute, Ministry of Cult and Religion Kingdom of Cambodia
Mr. Takeshi Fujitani
Senior Enterprise Editor, The Asahi Shimbun
Mr. Takafumi Miyake
College of Arts, Specially Appointed Professor, Rikkyo University
Organization Chart

Award History

2021 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award
2021 International Activities of 25th Earth RINRI Promotion Award
2021  28th Yomiuri International Cooperation Prize
2020 Kamenori Special Award
2019 Letter of gratitude from Commissioner of Japan Sports Agency
2015 ESD Okayama Award Global Prize
2011 Letter of gratitude from Miyagi Council of Social Welfare
2008 7th Iue Memorial Foundation Asia Pacific Culture Prize
2005 Letter of gratitude from Governor of Hyogo Prefecture
2004 Minister of State for Disaster Management Award
1995 Letter of gratitude from Toshima Ward, Tokyo
1994 Mainichi International Exchange Award
1988 Foreign Minister’s Commendation
1985 Soroptimist Japan Foundation Award
1984 Matsutaro Shoriki Award

Articles of Incorporation

Collaboration with relevant organizations

(1) Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan(MoFA)“The Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Project”

2020-2023 Development project for Diffusion of "Library for children" in Afghanistan


2022-2023 The Project to improve the learning environment through a primary school construction in Battambang Province


2021-2022 Developing the School Library Infrastructure Project at Education College and Management School in Yangon Region and Pyay District
2020-2021 The Reading Promotion Project at Primary Schools in West Bago Region
2020-2021 The Project for Rehabilitation and Resettlement through Community Resource Center in Eastern and Southern Kayin state, Myanmar


2020-2023 Project for improvement of quality of education in quake-affected areas and marginalized communities

(2) Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA) Partnership Program

2020-2022 Building Foundation for Implementation of “Learning through Play and The Environment” based on the Cambodian Curriculum


2018-2022 Improvement of multi-grade class management by enhancing the teaching capacity of Teacher Training Colleges in the Northern Laos

(3) Japan Platform

2022 Winterization Project through Distribution of Food and NFIs in Nangahar and Kunar Districts
2021-2022 Items distribution, hygiene awareness raising and women's protection support project for needy families in Kunar, Afghanistan
2021 Awareness raising on COVID-19 and provision of hygiene kits and food items in Nangarhar province and Kunar province
2020-2021 Emergency Education and WASH Assistance to Returnees and IDPs in Kunar Province, Afghanistan
2020 Awareness raising on COVID-19 and provision of hygiene kits and food items in Nangarhar province


2021-2022 Emergency food distribution support for vulnerable people including internally displaced people in Karen State
2021 Initial assessment and distribution of relief supplies for IDPs and refugees in Thai-Myanmar border


2021 Provision of Medical supplies for intensive care for Covid-19 severely ill patients in Nuwakot


2021-2022 Comprehensive livelihood stability support through livelihood and legal support
2020-2021 Assistance in the operation of a volunteer bus and support for the library in Kumamoto Prefecture, assistance in the operation of a private volunteer center in Fukuoka Prefecture, and listening comprehension activities
2021 Support for victims of the August 2021 torrential rain

(4) World Food Programme (WFP)

2022 Food distribution project in Nangahar
2020 Food distribution project for COVID-19 Impacted Population in Jalalabad, Nangahar


2020-2022 National School Meals Programme in Nuwakot district


Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education(ASPBAE)"Board members"/ The Asia Disaster Reduction & Response Network(ADRRN) / Global Book Alliance
Cooperation Committee for Cambodia(CCC)/ NGO Education Partnership(NEP)/ People’s Forum on Cambodia, Japan(PEFOC,J)/ Japanese NGO Worker's Network in Cambodia (JNNC)
International NGO Network(INN)/ Japanese NGO Meeting(JANM)
Myanmar(Burma)Refugee Camp Office
Committee for Co-ordination of Services to Displaced Persons in Thailand (CCSDPT)
Agency Coordinating Body For Afghan Relief (ACBAR)
Japan NGOs Network – Myanmar (JNN-Myanmar) / INGO Forum
Association of International NGOs in Nepal (AIN)
Japan Civil Society Network on SDGs / Japan NGO Initiative for Safety and Security, JaNISS "Directors" NGO-MOFA Regular Meetings/ NGO-JICA Council "Coordinator"/ NGOs-Labor Unions International Collaboration Forum/ NGO NO WAR NETWORK "Proposer"/ Japan NGO Action Network for Civic Space (NANCiS) / Development Education Association and Resource Center (DEAR) "Board Members"/ KAMISHIBAI Culture Promotion Council/ People's Forum on Cambodia, Japan (PEFOC, J) "Co-Representative"/ Japan NGO Network for Education (JNNE) "Secretary General"/ Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC) / Japan Platform (JPF)/ Multicultural Toshima Network/ Japan Campaign to Ban Landmines(JCBL) / Disaster Connection Japan Network / Tokyo Volunteer Network for Disaster Relief "Deputy Representative" /Action Plan Promotion Council of Tokyo Volunteer Center in Disaster "Organizing body"/ Japan Afghan NGO Network (JANN) / Japan NPO Center / Japan Library Association / Japan Fundraising Association / Japan Forum for UNHCR and NGOs/ Niwano Peace Foundation "Director"/ Japan CSO Coalition for Disaster Risk Reduction (JCC-DRR) / Japan Civil Network for Disaster Relief in the East Japan (JCN) / Buddhist NGO Network (BNN) "Vice Chairman / Executive Director" / Sotoshu SDGs Promotion Committee / World Conference Religions for Peace (WCRP) / Actions for Afghans (AFA) / JANIC Afghanistan Working Group


SVA have published a wide range of books.
These books give you a better idea of what SVA does.

Books about SVA’s activities
Books written or contributed to by SVA’s staff members, board members, and stakeholders
Research reports and manuals
Research reports written by SVA staff and manuals used in SVA’s educational projects are presented.
Organization Chart