Statement on the Ukraine crisis


Shanti Volunteer Association has been providing educational and cultural support to children for more than 40 years, starting with support for refugees due to conflict.

Armed conflict can destroy everything in an instant. It is the civilians and children who become the victims of shells, gunfire and violence. We have seen people lose everything and suffer years of deep grief that will never heal.

We are deeply concerned the situation in Ukraine where many people, including children, are terrorized and face the threat due to the armed hostilities.

We urge all parties to the conflict to call for an immediate ceasefire. We also urge them not to attack essential and critical infrastructure for children, such as water, sanitation, health facilities, and schools.

We call on the international community to work in solidarity to protect the right to life, a fundamental human right.

We call on the Japanese government to respect its obligations under international humanitarian law and provide assistance to those in need, especially women and children, in addition to diplomatic efforts to prevent further human suffering.

Secretary General
Eri Yamamoto