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In the fifth general election held in July 2013, the opposition party took a great leap forward, as dissatisfaction with the present government mounted and protest activities intensified. This is attributable to the widening economic gaps, corruption and young people’s dissatisfaction with the growth gaps between urban and rural areas. The year 2013 can be described as a big transition period towards building a truly peaceful society in Cambodia. In Cambodia, elementary school enrollment rate has reached 97% but the percentage of the students who go to junior high school is still about 50%. In rural farming areas, literacy rate of adults is currently less than 50%. In 2014, the SVA will focus on supporting deprived areas in terms of public education, mainly through its local offices in Battambang and Siem Reap. In the school construction project, the SVA will consider its project development policies for the future, since enrollment rate of elementary school education has been improving and many support organizations are now involved. In non-formal education, the SVA will try to carry out each activity carefully so that it will be accepted steadily, since the SVA is new to this field. To start the new projects, the SVA will strive to improve the quality of each project by implementing the PCM (Project Cycle Management). The SVA also intends to enhance the abilities of leader staff as well as the managerial and administrative abilities of Cambodian staff at each office.

2015 Activity Report

Establishing Guidelines for Community Learning Center(CLC) Modeled on SVA's Projects

Storytelling with paper theaters(Communitiy Learning Center in the slum) ©Yoshifumi Kawabata

Picture books published by SVA ©Yoshifumi Kawabata

Cambodia has undergone a remarkable development in recent years. However, the weak are left behind from the economic development because of the educational inequality spreading and the illiteracy rate being high.

SVA has launched a new project called the Quality Improvement of Early Childhood Education (ECE) in fiscal year 2015. We offered raising awareness workshops and in-service training to kindergartens, and distributed picture books and furniture such as bookshelves and renovated classrooms.

Moreover, the Ministry of Education of Cambodia established guidelines for the Community Learning Center (CLC), which is a type of community library built by the SVA and used as a model. Also, it is expected that the SVA can contribute to operating better CLCs by offering activities for health and hygiene, sports and so on.

CLC project was awarded the Global Award at "ESD Okayama Award 2015," which honors the best practices of ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) both in Japan and abroad.

In addition to the above projects, we have carried out the following projects as well: conducted second librarian workshop and donated books to 14 elementary schools), construction of elementary schools (five in Battambang Province and two in Banteay Meanchey Province), Promotion in Buddhist Education and Library Project (Buddhist libraries were set up at one temple in Phnom Penh and four temples in Kampong Cham Province), Urban Poor Basic Education Project in Phnom Penh (a permanent CLC was built in Akphiwat Meanchey Slum).