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Great East Japan Earthquake

The SVA established the “Emergency Relief Office” in May 2013, for the purpose of establishing a system to support the activities for supporting the people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and to prepare for the implementation of emergency relief projects in Japan and abroad, which are expected to increase due to the effects of climate change.

In our role of linking the affected people with the supporters/parties concerned, we will strive to act responsibly and in good faith in any situation and to convey the voices of the people in the field by ensuring close communication with our supporters as well as between the people in the field and the Tokyo Office.

2015 Activity Report

Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake

Kesennuma Office: Building a tree house at the "Hamawarasu" event

Iwate Office: Presentation of vehicles to the Yamada Town Municipal Library, which will take over the mobile library activity.

Yamamoto Office: Mobile library also has many fans among elderly people.

Almost five years after the great earthquake, Kesennuma City is lagging behind in the development of public housing for disaster victims, as only roughly 20% of eligible people have moved into public housing for disaster victims as of the end of 2015.

Calling for “Bring people together (Wa-FROM PERSON TO PERSON),” Kesennuma Office engaged in several projects, such as providing opportunities to experience nature to children, and revitalizing fishing villages.

Also, the SVA continued to focus on providing opportunities to read books and venues for people to interact, through the mobile library activity, promoting the “Bunko” Home Library in the temporary housing complexes. We have decided to hand over the activities in Yamada Town, Otsuchi Town and Ofunato City.

Furthermore, Yamamoto Office provided a place of comfort for people and supported interaction between residents through the mobile library. For the community support activities in Minamisoma City, a staff in charge is working to build a relationship with local people for starting up a full-scale activity, in time with the lifting of the evacuation order in Odaka District which is scheduled in April 2016.