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An influx of foreign capital has been continuing since 2013 with the rapid democratization after a civilian government was established in 2011. The number of Japanese companies increased rapidly from 53 in 2011 to 133 in 2013. The Japanese government doubled ODA and announced that it would grant \91 billion to Myanmar while waiving the \500 billion overdue debt. On the other hand, literacy rate of adults is estimated to be around 55%, much lower than the number made public. The percentage of children who can graduate from elementary school remains low at 56%. There remains an issue of the weak people who are left behind despite the administrative reform.

2015 Activity Report

In Myanmar, democratization has grown rapidly since the establishment of the civilian controlled government in 2011. On the other hand, the number of public primary schools is still lacking, so “Monastic Schools” run by the temples play the role as educational institutes for children from poor families. However, as they are managed only by donations from the temples and the local communities, the monastic schools are always facing difficulties in their operations. So the SVA built three monastic schools in Pyay District of Bago Region and carried out seminars for the teachers in order to improve the quality of education.

In the Non Formal Education Project, we held “Life Skill Education Programs for Children who can’t go to school” in three villages in Pyay District where 102 children to complete the program. We also supported “Night school for children who stopped attending public school” in three villages in Thayawaddy District, which led to result that 20 children moved up to the next grade or graduated from the school.

In the Improving Public Library Project, the SVA donated furniture and books to eight public libraries in Thayawaddy District of Bago Region. Furthermore, we concentrated our efforts on a mobile library activity.

For the Improving Children’s Books Publication Project, we invited specialists from Japan to hold a picture book production seminar for about 30 people, aiming at developing children’s books publication in Myanmar. We also organized a picture book contest on the topic of “friendship” under the joint sponsorship with the Myanmar Writers Association.